Sales Team Training & Development

With customers spending approximately nine hours investigating vehicles online, they are more informed and educated than ever before. iA American Training Institute has the sales training and processes to ensure the best customer experience, increases in volume, and profitability for your dealership. 

T.U.S.K. Customer Engagement Sales Process

Also designed around today’s internet-educated customers, the T.U.S.K. Customer Engagement Process is for both entry-level and seasoned sales consultants. This course informs dealership personnel on how to be successful by conducting the customer interaction based on the customer’s perspective.

Course Outline

Science of the Sale

Industry Stats

Words and Phrases

  • Effective verbiage for today’s market

Communication Skills

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal

In-Dealership Greeting

  • With or without reservation
  • Determining the customer’s stage in the buying process
  • Upfront objection handling to move forward

Manager Introduction

Needs Analysis

  • Create the Y.E.S.

Determine the Emotion

  • Create the Y.E.S.

Rapport Technique

  • F.O.R.M.
  • Create the Y.E.S.

Determine Trade

  • Create the Y.E.S.

Determine Budget

  • Create the Y.E.S.

Verify Vehicle Selection

  • Alternate selection with manager

Presentation of the Vehicle

  • Make it look like a reservation
  • Use the Y.E.S.
  • S.T.A.C.K.E.D. and the “emotion”

Demonstration Drive

  • With customer
  • Off-site test drive procedures
  • Asking customer to purchase
  • Move past objections

    Current Vehicle Review

    • Six questions to ask
    • Create the Y.E.S.
    • Effective evaluation of the current vehicle

    Dealership Tour

    • Full service
    • Why use the dealership for service?
    • Qualifications
    • Why buy from us?

    Write-Up with Commitment

    • Buy now commitment from the customer
    • Commitment objection handling
    • Verify availability

    Presentation of Numbers

    • Ask to purchase
    • Trade objections via CVR
      • Y.E.S.
      • Justification of trade value
    • Benefits of cash
    • Fluctuations of cash down payment
    • Payment rises
    • Term moves out
    • Best rate and calculation objection handling

    Benefits of the Business Office

    • Every customer speaks to the business manager
      • In person
      • Online


    • Make it special
    • Off-site delivery
    • Shipping arrangements – ongoing updates until delivery


    • Email
      • Unsold
      • Sold


     3-Day New Hire Workshop

    iA American Training Institute’s 3-day New Hire Workshop is designed to onboard new sales team members with a solid foundation and ensure the ability to perform in the dealership. We recognize the struggles the newer generation of sales professionals are creating for tenured managers, and we address this concern with in-depth direction and a solid process that eliminates these issues from the start. New salespeople not only learn a highly effective sales process, they also learn what it takes to work within your dealership or dealer group. Role-play, educational exercises, and working deals practice ensure your new hires are equipped to handle their first customer effectively.


    2-Day In-Dealership Reset

    iA American Training Institute’s 2-day Reset is designed specifically for dealerships that need a fresh process for today’s internet-educated and informed customer base. This abbreviated workshop covers 100% of iA American's highly effective T.U.S.K. Customer Engagement Sales Process, simply eliminating the role-play and some of the new-hire basics of our 3-day New Hire Workshop. Reset is the perfect name for these two intense days of automotive education, intended for sales teams that have a mix of tenured professionals and underperformers who just need the “reset” button pushed.


    1-Day Power Boost

    For a boost in your dealership during a holiday weekend, promotion period, or just a quick tune-up of the sales team, this one-day, high-impact workshop produces immediate results for the entire team in the shortest amount of time possible. Taking the most critical elements of iA American's T.U.S.KCustomer Engagement Sales Process, the Power Boost will energize the sales team and managers with powerful techniques they can employ immediately without compromising the dealership’s current process. This is our most popular in-dealership workshop with maximum results and minimum investment.

      Hybrid F&I

      As the industry’s most forward thinking sales and finance training available, we are proud to offer Hybrid F&I training for your dealership or dealer group. The idea of hybrid F&I is having a single person complete the entire transaction, from initial contact with the customer, through offering F&I products and delivering the vehicle. Hybrid F&I is not a cookie-cutter approach – we consult with you to determine whether a Hybrid F&I process would benefit your dealership or dealer group to maximize volume, product sales, and profitability, with an unmatched customer experience. For more information or to find out if this path is right for you, please contact Tony D directly at


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