F&I and the Business Office

The importance of profitability in the business office and today’s increasingly stringent legal climate require having the right F&I training and process for successful product sales. Click here for more details about iA American Training Institute's F&I offerings.

Internet Sales & BDC Strategies

The virtual showroom is becoming more and more critical each year. iA American Training works inside your dealership to maximize opportunities, appointments, and sales. Click here for details on our Internet and BDC training.

Sales Team Training & Development

With customers spending approximately nine hours investigating vehicles online, they are more informed and educated than ever before. iA American has the sales training and processes to ensure the best customer experience, increases in volume, and profitability for your dealership. Click here to find out more.

On-Location and In-Dealership

iA American Training Institute partners with dealerships and dealer groups to work with your teams directly and custom-build a course curriculum specific to your needs, while also incorporating the foundation of iA American's customer-centric processes. Get more information on how iA American makes training your team easy and convenient.

Leadership & Sales Management

Leadership and management teams today require new skill sets compared to the desk managers of old. Click here to see how iA American Training can strengthen your leadership and management skills.