F&I and the Business Office

The importance of profitability in the business office and today’s increasingly stringent legal climate require having the right F&I training and process for successful product sales. 

T.U.S.K. F&I

The T.U.S.K. F&I workshop teaches our 15-Minute Turn for working with today’s internet-educated customer. Taking into consideration the psychology behind customer decisions, our T.U.S.K. F&I process equips business managers with the necessary tools and techniques to increase production sales and overall profitability in both a legally compliant and customer-centric manner.

Course Outline

Code of Conduct

The History of F&I

F&I of Today and the Future

F&I Office Responsibilities to the Dealership

The Science of F&I:

  • "Can I?" vs. "Will I"
  • Rhetorical Devices in F&I
  • Six Principles of Persuasion
  • The Five Types of F&I Customers

Communication Skills

Customer Objections in F&I

Preliminary Work

  • Know Before You Go
  • Documents
  • Presentation Tool

T-Bar Close

The Y.E.S. F&I Process

  • Engage the Customer
  • Determine the Emotion
    • The New Vehicle
    • The Trade
    • Create the Need
  • Education
    • Ownership Experience
  • F&I Product Presentation
    • Y.E.S.
    • The Three W's
    • Base Payment Disclosure
    • Ask to Buy
    • Ask for Upgrade
    • Accept/Decline or Final Menu
    • RISC Disclosure

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Types of Objections

ABC Objection Handling Technique

Seven Payment Relief Strategies

Seven VSC Objection Techniques

    GAP Objections

    Bundle and Ancillary Objections

    Cash and OSF Conversions

    Final Recorded Role-Play

    F&I Compliance

    F&I Best Practices

    Deal Structure and Submitting

    Final Exam



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    4-Day - T.U.S.K. F&I School

    iA American Training Institute’s comprehensive T.U.S.K. F&I School is specifically designed to teach an effective process to new or tenured business managers in need of a fresh approach for working with today’s customer base. Mastery of the process is ensured with daily tests, role-play, and regular accountability of process implementation. iA American hosts a monthly 3½-day F&I school in our hi-tech, interactive facility in Las Vegas, Nevada with a video role-play evaluation. We can also produce the same quality business manager in a 3-day format on-site at your location or facility.


    2-Day - In-Dealership Reset

    Our T.U.S.K. F&I Reset Workshop has the same highly effective techniques taught in our comprehensive F&I school, but in a 2-day format. This faster-paced workshop provides a dealership or dealer group the ability to install an updated process within their organization, without the additional expense of time and travel. Role-play is limited to the highest impact points of the T.U.S.K. process.


    1-Day Power Boost

    The T.U.S.K. F&I Power Boost is a fast-paced, high-impact, one-day F&I workshop designed to boost product sales and profitability. Rather than present the entire process, this class places a specific focus on justifying products and overcoming objections. This is our most popular on-location workshop for agents, providers, and dealer groups desiring a quick tune-up for working with today’s customer base.


    Hybrid F&I

    As the industry’s most forward thinking sales and finance training available, we are proud to offer Hybrid F&I training for your dealership or dealer group. The idea of hybrid F&I is having a single person complete the entire transaction, from initial contact with the customer, through offering F&I products and delivering the vehicle. Hybrid F&I is not a cookie-cutter approach – we consult with you to determine whether a Hybrid F&I process would benefit your dealership or dealer group to maximize volume, product sales, and profitability, with an unmatched customer experience. For more information or to find out if this path is right for you, please contact Tony D directly at tonyd@iaawg.com.


    F&I and the Desk

    Sales and F&I managers both have defined roles in the process of securing approvals for every customer. This is a one-day course designed to help sales and F&I managers work together more effectively and have better engagement in the dealership, all of which builds on individual team principles to further improve and enhance the customer experience. The ultimate result is increased sales and F&I profitability for the dealership.

    Course instruction includes:

    • How to read credit
    • Deal structure
    • Submitting to finance companies
    • Working the deal effectively
    • Top questions to ask before working a deal
    • Presentation of numbers
    • Benefits of leasing
    • Responsibilities of the business office
    • Compliance



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