Leadership & Sales Management

Leadership and management teams today require new skill sets compared to the desk managers of old.

F&I and the Desk

This half-day, in-dealership workshop is designed to help sales and F&I managers have better engagement in the dealership. Personnel in both positions have defined roles in the process of securing approvals on every customer.

Course topics include:

  • How to read credit
  • Deal structure
  • Submitting to finance companies
  • Working the deal effectively
  • Top questions to ask before working a deal
  • Customer presentation of numbers
  • Benefits of leasing
  • Responsibilities of the business office
  • Compliance and misnomers

The course produces the following results:

  • Increased sales and F&I profitability
  • Increased front-end gross profit
  • Improved team cohesiveness


Leadership & Sales Management

This two-day workshop is for today’s managers facing challenges with millennial salespeople and tenured professionals, and is designed for all levels of sales management. This course focuses heavily on the management of the sales force, including daily evaluation and coaching the “why,” not just the how. Leadership is reinforced through utilizing the proper steps to the sale, along with ethical and consistent desking techniques. Managers will leave this course with a game plan and the confidence to help the sales staff close more deals with additional profitability.

Course topics include:

  • Being a boss vs. a leader
  • Training the techniques of “why”
  • Monthly and daily schedules
  • Recruiting and hiring strategies
  • Performance reviews
  • Planning and leading effective sales meetings
  • Compliance awareness
  • Effective deal management
  • Presentation of figures strategies
  • Reading credit
  • Deal structure and finance company trends
  • Inventory control


We recommend on-location training with all dealership managers involved.


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