Meet Our Team

Eric "Frenchy" Mélon

Head of Training & Development

Frenchy is a legendary 30+ year automotive-training veteran with extensive international experience. He oversees all training and income development efforts for iA American Training Institute. With a training style that is passionate, powerful, and uncompromising, his students are challenged, pushed, and entertained.

Tony Dupaquier

North American Training Director

Tony has more than 30 years of experience in automotive and is considered the industry's most forward-thinking sales and F&I trainer and consultant. As the North American director of training, Tony leads iA American's team of certified trainers in curriculum development and training strategy.

Mike Holliman

National Director of Training & Academics

A natural leader, Mike is well known for the energy and extensive knowledge he brings to his training classes. With over 30 years of experience in automotive retail, his students describe him as a “real car guy.”

Kevin Quinn

Lead Training & Development Specialist

Kevin began his automotive career on the sales floor, before moving on to F&I, management, and then training at various dealerships across the country. As lead training & development specialist, he seeks to help students maximize their results in a fun, hands-on, and semi-competitive learning atmosphere.

Laura Rowland

Training & Development Specialist

Laura began her career as a dealership receptionist, and quickly went on to find great success in both sales and F&I. As a trainer, her focus is on developing dealership employees to be successful and fulfilled. She works to understand individual needs and personalizes her approach based on their unique set of challenges and talents.

Carter Krejci

Training & Development Specialist

Over the course of his retail automotive career, Carter gained experience in both fixed and variable operations. This experience and his passion to help others improve has served him well in his role with iA American. Whether teaching a class or working one-on-one, he strives to help new personnel find success and drive production in the dealership.

Shelly Liggett

Training & Development Specialist

Austin French

Training & Development Specialist

After a retail automotive career spanning more than two decades, Austin joined iA American Training Institute as a dedicated training & development specialist. Austin is passionate about working with automotive professionals to elevate their careers, and he finds inspiration in the success stories from trainees and dealership clients.

Ian Vandenbark

Training & Development Specialist

Ian is a 25+ veteran of the automotive industry, with extensive experience in sales, finance, and leadership. He is motivated by a passion for the industry and a desire to impact others in their roles. As a training & development specialist, his methodical yet versatile approach inspires dealership personnel to excel and constantly improve.

Arielle Vaughn

Training & Development Specialist

For over seven years, Arielle has honed her skill set as a professional in the automotive industry, serving in roles from greeter to finance director, for domestics, imports, and high line brands. With iA American, Arielle travels nationally to deliver world-class F&I training. She has a passion for cultivating new talent and is a champion of women in the industry.

Tyler Williams

Training & Development Specialist

Tyler's retail automotive experience, which began in Maryland and brought him to Texas, ranges from sales and finance to leadership and training. With a passion to share the knowledge he has gained, Tyler joined the iA American Training team as a training & development specialist. He finds the work exciting and incredibly rewarding.

Chase Marshall

Training & Development Specialist

Having grown up around his grandfather’s dealership, Chase
was well-prepared when he joined the industry himself. He excelled in all areas of dealership operations, beginning in sales and quickly moving into finance. He then held various leadership roles, including finance director, sales manager, internet director, and BDC director. Chase joined iA American in 2019.

Paula Miller

Training & Development Specialist

Paula’s ability to build meaningful connections has led her to success throughout the retail auto industry. Her expertise lies within floor sales, internet sales, subprime finance, and overall F&I, having worked in all these areas for both small and large dealer groups. She now works to pass on her knowledge and experience to help others achieve their personal goals within the industry.

Monica Ferguson

Training Coordinator

As coordinator for training materials, on-site workshops, and course registration, Monica works closely with the training leadership team to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently for all clients. She is the point of contact for dealer partners and staff, as well as hotel liaison and catering manager.

Teresa Collister

Admin Assistant, Training Headquarters

Teresa has 30+ years of experience in the automotive industry, having worked in warranty administration, F&I, service, and dealership accounting. At iA American, Teresa works closely with the training team and serves as the point of contact for training at our Las Vegas headquarters.